PEERLESS I RIFLES are constructed for hunters and shooters who prefer and require the use of fiberglass stocked specialty rifle. We incorporate all the accuracy and precision work in building Peerless I. We use only the best materials and components. We choose the right components to build the desired rifle for you.


PEERLESS I – Light Weight Hunting Rifles

PEERLESS I – Long Range Hunting Rifles

PEERLESS I – Tactical Rifles

PEERLESS I – Long Range Benchrest Varmint Rifles

PEERLESS I – 1,000YD IBS. -NBRSA-, Williansport Math Rifles


We use the following actions in building Peerless I rifles. We choose the right action for the intended purpose. WINCHESTER MOD.70, NESIKA, BAT, STOLLE, SURGEON and custom made REM 700 Platform short and long actions.


Our first choice in fiberglass stock is MCMILLAN. We have been using MCMILLAN stock blanks for many years for a very good reason, quality and selection. We also use laminated wood in building some of our long range bench rifles for varmint and 1,000 yd. matches. We have our own designed stock patterns. For consistent accuracy we use aluminum pillar and epoxy to bed the action and free float the barrel.


We strongly believe in cut rifled barrels. Using cut rifled barrels for over 15 years has proven us the consistency of a match grade cut rifled barrel. On special request we would use buttoned barrels but only of our choosing. Barrels are precision chambered with run out less than .0003” tenths of a thousand. We take pride in our chambering and barrel fitting. The barrel contour, twist and length are all determined by the purpose of the rifle and its applications.


We make our own muzzle break, it is not one size fits all. Beautifully design and Ported on 3 and 9 o’clock, it will not burst dust on prone shooting. The muzzle breaks has to be timed accordingly. On request we can also use badger muzzle breaks.


We choose JEWELL trigger in building Peerless I rifles. Simply because they are one of the best. The pull weight is from 2 oz to 3 lbs. We use the correct trigger and adjust the pull weight to the intended purpose of the rifle.


Depending on the rifle, we can make special scope bases, and often do. However, on some models we have to user aftermakert bases. We choose Badger and nightforce bases and rings. The quality of these mounts are very good. They are available both in steel and aluminum for picatinny bases.


We use only the best metal coating available. It is tough and 100% corrosion proof. It is available in many colors and camo patterns. Let us know about your desired color. If you not sure we will choose the right color, just consult with us.


PEERLESS I .................................. From $4,500


The above price is based on Remington 700 action and includes all labor, materials, parts and test ammunition. We can supply a suitable action and optics at current market prices. There are many option available.

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