PEERLESS II RIFLES are constructed for hunters and shooters who prefer a premium quality field rifle, with all the accuracy and mechanical refinements. Peerless II rifles are made with the outmost precision and accuracy in mind, which will also stand against Mother Nature’s punishment. We perform the following metal work on Peerless II rifles.


  • True up receiver and bolt
  • Trigger is carefully worked and set to a specified pull weight
  • Trigger shoe is narrowed, re-contoured and polished
  • Special trigger can also be installed upon request like Jewell
  • Scope bases are made from bar stock to accommodate Modified Talley TNT RINGS
  • A one piece steel trigger guard is supplied contoured and polished like (Blackburn or Sunnyhill)
  • Bolt stop is modified (built up and checkered)
  • A match grade barrel is selected based on caliber. The contour, the twist the length all to match the intended use and precisionly chambered, polished crowned and installed.


Our first choice in stock materials for peerless II is 5X English walnut wood. Stock is designed in legendary classic style with a straight comb. For consistent accuracy and durability the action is pillar epoxy bedded in the stock and barrel is free floated. We perform the following work on peerless II stocks. There are many options available:

  • Ebony forend tip
  • Pachmayre decelerator or silver type recoil pad
  • Socket head guard screws
  • Steel grip cap, single screw
  • Inletted swivel bases
  • Hand rubbed durable finish
  • Cheek piece with a shadow line
  • 24 L.P.I point pattern wraparound checkering


By this time every effort and care was exercised to put the rifle together correctly in a stress free mode to prevent harmonic distortion of the rifle from one shot to the next. We test fire each rifle with premium ammunition of different brand, on a solid bench rest to 1. break in the barrel, 2. check and confirm feeding, function and safety 3. to note the accuracy level of the rifle.


We offer two choices for metal finish.

  1. Hot Caustic Bluing.
  2. Metal Coating – through a unique process all metal parts will be coated to a matt look that is very tough and is 100% corrosion proof, and will not chip off. This is the best metal coating there is, that will last a long time and 100% rust proof.


Peerless II sporter
standard Cal. .................................From $8,500

Peerless II sporter magnum cal up to 375H&H ........................................From $9,000


The above prices are based on Winchester Mod. 70 action supplied by the client. We can supply a suitable action and optics at current market price. The above cost includes all labor, wood blank, materials and ammunition. There are many options available including upgrading the walnut wood.

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