PEERLESS ROYAL SPORTER RIFLES are tailor made to be the highest quality, with impeccable inletting, fit, finish and checkering. The Royals can be compared with some of the best rifles made anywhere; in fact the workmanship exceeds some of the worlds well known custom rifles. Weather it is a simple project or a complicated one of a kind project, the workmanship remains the same, simply world class. We invite comparison in quality workmanship and prices. We prefer to use the following proven action: Winchester mod 70 pre 64 or classic, custom made Mauser and selected few of the commercial Mauser 98’s. The construction of Royal grade begins with the metal work. We use only the finest modern material obtainable, and some of the components are hand made from bar stock.


  • Surface grind and square up action
  • Detail and hand polish action inside and out
  • All action small parts are also detailed and hand polished
  • Install a new bolt handle and checker knob
  • Trigger is carefully worked, the sear is hand stoned and pull weight is set to clients request
  • A new specialty trigger is set and installed on request, like a Blackburn, Jewell
  • Trigger shoe on Winchester model 70 is narrowed, recounted and polished
  • Bolt stop is modified and hand checkered
  • Scope bases are made from solid bar of steel to fit top of action precisely
  • If requested, a three position side safety is installed on Mauser 98 actions
  • A custom made steel bottom metal is supplied, contoured and hand polished
  • A match grade barrel precisely chambered, crowned and fit with the correct contour, twist and length
  • All metal parts are hand polished lengthwise, ripple free
  • All necessary marking is engraved (make, model, and caliber)


Our first choice in wood is an exhibition grade JUGLANS REGIA walnut blank, grown in different parts of the world with different names, each having a unique characteristic of its own. We choose properly dried, dense and correctly laid out blanks for strength, durability and beauty. We do our best to find a blank that will please our clients. Stock is designed in legendary classic style with a straight comb line to control recoil. Critical stock dimensions are tailored to fit. For consistent accuracy and durability, we hand bed each barrel action into the stock and consider the installation of the following components as standard.

  • Ebony front tip with widow’s peak
  • Silver’s type red recoil pad with widow’s peak
  • Inletted swivel bases
  • Single screw steel grip cap
  • Hand rubbed durable oil finish
  • European style cheek piece with a shadow line
  • 24 L.P.I. point patter checkering


By this stage every effort and care was exercised to put the rifle together correctly in a stress free mode, to prevent harmonic distortion of the rifle from on shot to the next. We test fire each rifle with premium ammunition of different brand, on a solid bench rest to 1) break in the barrel, 2) check and confirm feeding, function and safety, 3) to note the accuracy level of the rifle.

When satisfaction is reached the metal will be prepared for the finishing process. We offer two choices in metal finish.

  1. Hot caustic blue.
  2. Cold rust blue

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